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SURVIVE THE DAY: Action, Suspense
The worlds most intelligent scientists were brought together to create something that was meant to jump start our civilization to the next level but instead became an item wanted by some of the most dangerous people on the planet. When their main lab gets blown to pieces, one scientist escapes with the last vile of the substance and passes it to an unknown civilian in a men’s restroom. Now the civilian has to stay alive and keep the item from falling into the wrong hands or the city will be torched by terrorists. The plot thickens when he crosses path with an innocent women he takes hostage and an undercover FBI agent that all have different ideas for what he should do with the item. He quickly finds out he can’t trust anyone. Watch the bullets and bombs fly as all these characters collide in this action packed suspense thriller.

Effects,Written, Produced, and Directed by Adolpho Navarro.