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The Alluring Frontier (2018)



Campaign link - https://www.seedandspark.com/fund/the-alluring-frontier#story

Facebook Film Page - https://www.facebook.com/thealluringfrontier/

The Alluring Frontier: Action, Sci-Fi, Western

The Alluring Frontier is set in the old west in the small town of Gulch which quickly gets consumed by a dark presence. Characters are soon introduced from different walks of life within the town as the dark force has taken the shape of an unsuspecting individual that is hunting something one of the men has in his possession meanwhile turning the residents into demonic creatures called "Gulchers". After a large saloon slaughter, the main character teams with the town’s deputy that tries to shine into the sheriff role they need. An unknown stranger hell-bent on revenge is also forced to help them with a crazy prisoner rounding up the group that will try to stop this creature from taking over the town. The characters must try not succumb to the creature’s temptation and find a way to stop it from spreading like wild fire. If the object gets into the wrong hands, it will cause the extinction of the human race. They quickly band together with all the weapons they can find including dynamite and leave it all on the line but they soon find out that the creature is not so easy to take out.

Directed by Adolpho Navarro